Sometimes Less is More

Sometimes it’s more important what you leave out of the image than what you include. When you’re making an image always look around the viewfinder for anything that might be a distraction. If you are making a photograph of a wildflower, is the telephone pole in the background adding to the photo? Just changing the camera position relative to the subject can remove many distractions.

So what do you do if you cannot work around the distraction? This is where you have to get creative. In the photo below, I considered the trees a distraction but there was no way to remove them from the composition and still keep the reflection in the water. Since I was making a photograph of the sunrise, I simply underexposed the trees turning them into silhouettes and removing them as a distraction. Without detail, the eye ignores the silhouettes and goes straight to the colors in the sky, which is exactly what I wanted.

Red Sunrise